Your Emotions in an Image

Images can frame our emotions and can be the most beautiful mirrors of our feelings. The feelings that we feel for ourselves and for other people, our parents, our brothers and sister, our partners, our grandparents, our children, our friends... Wouldn't it be beautiful to frame with pictures the special and intense moments and emotions of our daily lives that we are sharing with others? Wouldn't it be beautiful to frame with pictures our own emotions captured while walking together and sharing life stories? Our emotions are the most important treasures we have. If we know them and we keep them positive, they will let us live a meaningful life, a life full of kindness and healthy relationships with ourselves and with others. Photography helps us to see the beauty of our emotions!

The New Year, the New You  -  Your Soul Portrait

Give yourself a special gift for the New Year: the portrait of the New You, Your Soul Portrait. This special portrait will be an artwork that will represent you, your emotions, your awareness in the present time. To "see" yourself in a new way, will be an amazing experience that will let you begin the New Year in a wonderful way!

Listen to yourself, Feel yourself, See yourself and Honor yourself.


Emotions in Life!

I love to capture gestures, important moments, moments of everyday’s life that people want to preserve or to share with others, through images. A newborn, the first steps, all the moments of daily life that deserve to be remembered by those who are living them and by those who are sharing them. Smiles, tears, emotions, hugs, kisses, to express what people feel to those around them or to who is away. 


The Emotional Walk

The Emotional walk is a beautiful experience that will allow you to share your emotions, share your thoughts, share your feelings for yourself and also for the people that you love, for your best friend, for your parents while walking together with me, and have all them captured in pictures that you can give to them as a wonderful present or that you can keep them for yourself see them every time that you need it and to remember how beautiful you are.