This is my story, my journey and my aim on Earth. I'm grateful that now I can help people through photography in their journey to awareness and transformation. I hope that this video can inspire people to find their own way and aim in life. Changing is possible.


I believe in photography as an extraordinary tool to “see” our emotions and feelings and to transform and improve the relationship with ourselves and with others. Photography allows me to make the invisible visible, to help myself and others to see what we sometimes fail to grasp in our mind. My artistic and life research has, as main purpose, the use of photography as a means to help people, both in my work practice and in my artistic projects. In my everyday's practice, I use photography to support clients but also other professionals like psychologists, therapists, life coaches, nutritionists during one-to-one sessions, group workshops and special projects. I help people to work on their emotions, on self-perception, acceptance, self-esteem, self-confidence in their bodies, in their image, in their own identity, their relationships with others (partners, family, colleagues, etc...), their creativity and on emotional intelligence themes. I help people who have the desire to change and improve their life and people who are living a difficult situation and need help. 

My artistic projects are the mirror of what I'm living, learning, feeling, enjoying during my life journey and all this is what I want to share with others through my pictures and my stories. There's a great value in sharing positive and negative experiences: people can understand and feel that in both situations they are not alone and they can also learn something new from our experience. I would like my pictures and projects to be special gifts for people to help them to become aware, to see and then to transform their experience of life.

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