Your Branding and Products Ideas become Emotional Images

Images speak. They capture and let us feel and understand the essence of a message. I love to talk with professionals and companies about their brands and products and to transform them into emotional images that embrace their most important values, emotions and aims by creating the right concept, setting and storytelling, by capturing the right atmosphere, and creating a playful experience with all the people working with me!  

Mumoosh - Jewellery for Love / Alessia Semeraro - Jewellery Designer

Sophisticated, minimal, whimsical designs are the hallmarks of jewellery designer Alessia Semeraro. Born in Italy, lived in Barcelona, Mexico City and London, she is a renowned contemporary jewellery artist. The MUMoosh Collection has been created to meet the requests of children and of girlfriends turned mothers who want trendy and easy-to-wear jewels. The name is the onomathopeic translation of the Amharic word 'mamush' meaning 'little boy'.


In Memoriam. Ri.Nascita, 2016 - A tribute to Manfred Bischoff / Alessia Semeraro - Jewellery Designer

Iron and Fine Gold Jewel designed and made by the Italian Jewellery Designer Alessia Semeraro.

La Toretta - Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurant with a quiet and family atmosphere, immersed in the Friuli Venezia Giulia countryside where you can find all the flavors of tradition. 

I had the great pleasure to frame with my camera the wonderful atmosphere inside and outside this amazing restaurant as well as some of the ingredients and products that are used to create a tasty lunch and dinner experience. The restaurants hosts also yearly events like the "4x4 Tour Race" in which I've been the official photographer.

Coop - Cervignano del Friuli - Italy

All the Coop employees want to wish Merry Christmas to all their customers!

I had a lot of fun making this shooting session and capturing all emotions and smiles of all the employees, portrayed in their working area with their own favorite products!