The Buddhist Experience

The Buddhist Experience
Spirituality, declined in religious belief or as philosophical thoughts, can help us to live our lives better. To take care of our minds and change our thoughts to achieve a state of happiness is a long and intense journey that brings us definitely to relate more positively with ourselves and with others. Working on the mind and turning into real action the positive teachings of each religion or philosophy, every day, are acts of love towards ourselves and others. The sharing of this journey doesn’t always happen because it is deeply intimate and personal. I lived for two months and a half with Tibetan Geshes, Buddhist monks and nuns, students, volunteers and employee in Pomaia, at the Buddhist Institute Lama Tsong Khapa. This was for me an emotional and spiritual journey that created a deep change into myself. Living every day with these people, created in me the desire to get in touch more deeply with their lives and to discover which are the teachings of Buddhist philosophy that these people put into practice every day and that are constantly improving the quality of their life in relation to themselves and to others.
The teachings, in form of texts and images, together with a beautiful song ( composed by Claudio Pacagnan, italian musician and composer, are now part of “The Buddhist Experience” video that has, as its main purpose, to share positive thoughts, learnings and experiences.
The project is a way to personal and reciprocal enrichment, a way to inspire love, peace and happiness.

If you are interested into having us sharing our experience at a conference or evening together, let us know! We would love to come!

Eleonora Oleotto Photographer

Claudio Pacagnan - Musician and Composer

Vanessa Champion - Curator
Founder of

"The Buddhist Experience"
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