Experiential workshops

I create experiential workshops both for people and organizations. Workshops are specifically designed on a precise topic to be explored. I also work together with other professionals to create amazing experiences that combine different techniques and disciplines like therapeutic photography, body language, mindfulness, creative writing, coaching, dance and body-movement therapy together. There are a lot of topics that can be explored like emotions, Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy, relationship management, relational and communication skills between colleagues, team working, leadership, personal development, creativity. A lot of other topics and issues can be explored though customized experiential workshop created according to people's and companies' needs. 

Among the main organization's clients: BBC Worldwide - London


"Il Se' allo specchio" - The Self at the Mirror

in collaboration with Tatiana Tognolo - Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Creative-experiential workshop exploring "the Self" in interaction with the other through body movement voice, drawing and photography.
By creating an inner "listening space" of the Self, of our bodily, emotional and thoughtful feelings, we work on trust, judgment, physical and inner space, and awareness of ourselves. Throughout the lab, we will explore the relationship with ourselves and with others in "here and now". We will get in contact with sensations, sensory perceptions, emotions and thoughts, and we will explore them through physical exercises, both in pairs and in groups.
The introspective and explorative work will be explored through photographs. The images, the mirror of interiority, will emphasize the sensations experienced during the first phase of the lab allowing us to consolidate the awareness of the relationship with "the Self" and with the Other.

Me and My Emotions: recognise, transform and use them to live better

in collaboration with Damiana Kralj - PCC, MPA

Experiential workshop to explore our relationship with emotions through photography and coaching techniques in order to develop
self-awareness and the ability to manage ourselves to transform experiences into desired outcomes. The workshop is highly experiential: the participants will practice the concepts trough movement, drawing, writing and mindfulness exercises, which will be complemented by Eleonora's photographs. 
We will start the day by paying attention to our emotions and recognising them in the moment as well as reflecting on how they manifest in our lives. 
We will then test non-verbal ways of communicating our emotions to others. After harvesting useful information from the experience, we will use the photographs taken during the workshop to learn about our relationship with our own emotions and create individual maps of our journey. We will close the day with a tool allowing us to harness our positive emotions for better everyday living.

Being Present to Emotions: experiential workshop for Coaches

in collaboration with Damiana Kralj - PCC, MPA

Discern, transform and work with them to thrive. An experiential workshop to explore coaching approaches to working with emotions with the aid of photography, to deepen self-awareness and to expand our own bandwidth as coaches, as we support our clients at transforming experiences into desired outcomes. During the two days, participants will: Ÿ

  • Reflect on the nature of emotions in the service of personal growth; Ÿ
  • Practise emotional granularity to build resilience in ourselves and our clients; Ÿ
  • Test non-verbal ways in which we communicate emotions and harness learnings; Ÿ
  • Work with photography and images to surface, transform and consciously utilise our inner dialogue as a useful medium in the relationship with our own emotions; Ÿ
  • Explore different ways of building rapport for safety in the coaching relationship.