Photography for Awareness and Transformation

I believe in photography as an extraordinary tool to “see” our emotions and feelings and to improve the relationship with ourselves and with others. Images have vast potential: they are a tool that allows us to see, to bring out what is blocked, what is hidden inside us. They are a transitional bridge connecting mind, speech and body and a powerful means of communication: they allow us to express ourselves without using words.

I use photography to support people and organizations but also other professionals working in the help relationship like psychologists, therapists, life coaches, nutritionists during one-to-one sessions, group workshops and special projects.

I use photography as a tool to explore emotions, to improve relationships and connections between different people in different situations (family relationships, partners relationships, colleagues relationships, etc...) and between people and their inner self. I help people to work on their emotions, on self-perception, acceptance, self-esteem, self-confidence in their bodies, in their image, in their own identity, their relationships with others, their creativity and on emotional intelligence themes. Photography is an extremely versatile instrument that can be combined very easily with other disciplines and can be applied to explore a lot of different topics.


    One-to-One Experiences

    In the one-to-one experiences the combination of therapeutic photography, body language, mindfulness and creative writing techniques allows people to explore emotions, thoughts and main issues through an experiential journey.


    Experiential Workshops

    I create experiential workshops both for people and organizations. I usually work together with other professionals to create amazing experiences that combine different techniques and disciplines together. 

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    Special projects

    Special projects can be created for single persons, associations, groups and organizations on a specific topic on request and by using photography as one of the tools to work with, in combination with other techniques and disciplines.