“My name is Chiara Tarantino and I am an ICF certified coach (ACC: Associate certified Coach). I work in the personal and corporate environment. I had the chance to develop and realize some personal coaching projects with Eleonora Oleotto using photography as a facilitating tool in coaching with some people. Eleonora has provided her "hard competencies" in terms of photographic technique but above all her "soft skills" such as teamwork, listening ability and leadership, allowing the success and effectiveness of the projects. I also had the opportunity to work with Eleonora to present the power of photography to the public in medical coaching and support for people with important disease-related experiences. Eleonora has always shown the ability to empathize with people, who were already coaching synergistically with the coach, and she has demonstrated excellent listening and reading skills. Eleonora has therefore always demonstrated great professionalism and a strong attitude in establishing effective professional partnerships thanks to her critical ability, her ability to develop a vision and her creativity.” 

Chiara, Coach&Trainer


“I work with Eleonora as a colleague, co-facilitating workshops. Before then, I experienced her approach as a client. In that role, Eleonora helped me recognise my own patterns and helped me identify opportunities in which I could transform my self-limiting beliefs into enabling ones. Throughout our work, she was warm, supportive but also rigorous in supporting me and keeping me accountable. As a co-facilitator, she is focused on creating results for the attendees, by employing her same strengths as in her individual work and her sensitivity for group dynamics.”

Damiana, Coach and Consultant


“I’ve worked with Eleonora both as a therapeutic photography client and as a co-facilitator and photographer. Both sessions were very enjoyable and creatively successful. Eleonora has a patient, calm and highly effective intuitive working manner which puts the client at the heart of the process. The photo stories produced are more than expressive photography. There is an embodied transformation that takes place during the sessions which happens to also get documented in photos, which Eleonora so timely and respectfully captures. Whenever I meet Eleonora I leave feeling de-stressed and re-balanced.”

Natalie, Coach with the Camera

Workshop's participants

“I attended Eleonora's workshop on exploring and using emotions to live better, which I found very interesting. In her facilitation work, Eleonora is very engaging, thoughtful and adopts a thoroughly experiential approach.”

Graeme, Coach and Consultant


“The work with the group was deep and introspective, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and my emotions because in comparison with others I discovered the dynamics that belong to me and at the same time I was able to think about what role I usually take within the group. Eleonora has a sensitivity that makes her shots unique and she has an innate ability to choose the most useful images, as well as to guide you with confidence in the discovery journey. And then, in a natural way, one takes a walk inside oneself, where emotions, fears, blocks, dreams, hopes, rebirths, sufferings, transformations, appear to the mind and they confront themselves. The solution can be found in listening to ourselves and being aware that everything is in our hands and that everything, us included, is part of a continuos and wonderful evolution.”

Sara, Dancer


“The workshops made me understand how others see me, and this was given by the choice of certain shots. They gave me the opportunity to see me, because for a while I did not pay much attention to my exteriority. They gave me the awareness of what I want and how. I continue to look at the elements of the photos that I couldn't see before. Before attending these workshops, pictures, for me, were only emotions in an image, the soul and energy in one click. Now I know that a picture can be a communication code and Eleonora was brilliant in conveying everything to me. Through the dance, the energies and also the fears, the embarrassments, the joys, the hesitations have fluctuated and the shots made all this to become evident: this allowed us to relate to the most intimate part of us and others. To be in comparison with others, may not be simple. It is arduous to decide to take off one's masks, walls and excuses: therapeutic photography helps you to do this in a really soft way.”


One to one sessions' participants

“The experience I made through the photographic work with Eleonora has allowed me to further emotional elaboration over an important event of my life: heart surgery. Seeing yourself in the pictures allows you to acquire that healthy distance from yourself with which to re-think and re-live things. Putting your own fragility in a picture, putting yourself in an image, allows you to capture the hidden strength behind your feelings. The great rupture of schemes that happened to me during the work with Eleonora occurred during the shooting session: at every shoot I was asking myself what she could see, in me, what was so "interesting" to be captured in an image. During this process, at every shoot my scar became little to little more beautiful. Give value to pain: this is the great change of perspective and at the same time the therapeutic process that happens with Eleonora's photographs.”

Lara, Psychologist

Customized project's participants

The Therapeutic Calendar

“I met Eleonora at the end of a long time of cancer's care and I was curious about her project, the realization of a therapeutic calendar. The initiative was of great help for me, both from a psychological point of view, as it allowed me to become aware of what I had experienced during the illness, and from a relational point of view. The images allowed me to share my emotions, related to the most intimate and painful situations during that time, with all the people that I love. Through photography, in fact, I was able to redraw my path and give voice to what words could not express. Each image allowed me to accept my emotions and see the disease as a “chance for a conscious renewal”: this has been important for me in order to turn the pain into renewing energy.”

Sara, Psychologist