This page is dedicated to my dearest friends and collaborators that made my life so special and contributed with their art and sensibility to enrich me and my artistic projects.

A warm thank you for being part of my journey.  

Composer, singer and guitarist influenced by rock, jazz mid-70s, Claudio explored in recent years new forms of sound inspired by new themes such as nature, landscapes, sights, works of art, spirituality, ... that are strictly related to the inner feeling connected to them.

Soundscapes, ambient music for soundtracks, relaxing music; music inspired by Art; music for readings, video-art, video documentary, audiobook, photography, painting and pictures; music for contemporary dance and theater; exhibitions, architectures, spaces and more.

Claudio and me have joined different projects together combining music and photography to give sound to the images and images to the sounds. This powerful union find its evidence in the following projects: 

Il Mondo Nuovo - Music - Arts and Performance Event

Exploring Emotions - Music - Photography - Exhibitions

Bookings and live performance: