One-to-One Experiences

In the one-to-one experiences the combination of therapeutic photography, body language, mindfulness and creative writing techniques allows people to explore emotions, thoughts and main issues through an experiential journey that will lead them to see, to live an experience, to become aware and then to transform the issues and/or to start a journey to find the right solution to them. Photography becomes the main witness of the process. 


Free to Fly

Many times in our lives we felt caged, closed in our thoughts, in our old constraints, not free to express ourselves, to make our own choices. It's time to change now and to begin our journey towards a new awareness, towards a new life. We now have our new wings, we can fly.

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The Strength of Fragility

They worked at my heart when I was 10. Interatrial communication, open-heart surgery. It would be nice to be able to write about how much this experience has changed me, and made me see the beauty of this life so fragile. In fact, my truth is that unlike a time when I felt a great sense of shame only to what had happened to me, in this visible scar in the chest, I now feel that remained in the fragility of each us a great strength lies. The fragility of the strength.

With a few images we made an opening path of disclosure and awareness of a deep wound. Intense and delicate moments that finally allowed you to be "fair and concluded" and no longer afraid.
Change is possible, we just need to let go all our resistances and be aware that we need help to reborn. 


I went through two painful moments in two consecutive years: the death of a dear and my disease. During this time I've experienced loneliness, as the difficulty to empathize with others, when they feel involved in the situation and do not know how to react. The picture becomes a new way of communicating: it replaces the speech when the emotion overflows over the meaning of words and when we want to represent different angles of the same state of mind. Images, for me, become a visual testimony not only to my need to depict the suffering experienced in the various aspects,  but also to the intensity of this suffering represented by the contraction of the face, hand strength, the need to defend myself and to cover, the not knowing what to do, seeing my loneliness multiplied and the fear in my own shadow, clinging to my ideas and letting myself go when it seemed there was no way out. The different aspects of suffering, revived during the shooting experience through very intense actions and gestures, allowed me to be reconciled with myself and with others, and to express it through a liberating gesture in last the picture. Images are a useful tool to bring our strengths but also our weaknesses in front of us and to overcome them just after they become evident.